Ognyan Dimov is Back on Top with a Success in the $25,000 PCA Hot shot ($990,655)

The last $25,000 hot shot at the Poker Stars Caribbean Experience has reached a conclusion and Ognyan Dimov is the boss after he crushed Ren Lin in heads-up play. Dimov outlived a returning field of 17 on Day 3 to bring back home the top award of $990,655.

The field of 187 players produced an award pool of $4,444,055 and the best 27 players all brought back home something like $43,800. Lin won $619,200 for second, while Anthony Hu asserted $442,300 for third spot. Kayhan Mokri and Brock Wilson balanced the main five with $340,200 and $264,700, separately.

The success is the biggest in Dimov’s profession and bound to happen since his 2015 triumph in the EPT Headliner at Deauville in northwestern France.

“I’ve been sitting tight for a long time for such a major score like this,” Dimov said in his post-win interview. “I’m exceptionally blissful.”

Dimov partook in his time in The Bahamas — where he changed out multiple times and partook in a runner up finish in the $10,000 Abundance Freeze out. The series has been a chance for poker regulars to bring their families and Dimov was no special case.

“I’m with my family here (spouse Simoneta and child Boyan) and they can partake in the spot. I feel as I don’t have a lot of opportunity to make it happen, yet, it was worth the effort.”

Day 3 Activity

The third and last day of the $25,000 PCA Hot shot started off with 17 players and Ben Heath was quick to go when his nines ran into Dylan Smith’s sovereigns. Heath’s disposal sent the competition to the last two tables and Mario Navarro, Ryan Riess, Santiago Plante, Ethan “Frenzy” Yau, Rodger Johnson, Joao Vieira, and Carlos Chadha were completely dispensed with before the last table. Yau is taking up where he forgot about after a breakout 2022 that wrapped up with a success in the $25,000 hot shot at the WPT Big showdown in Las Vegas.

The last nine started off conclusive table activity three hours into Day 3 and Yuri Dzivielevski was the first out in 10th when his ruler ten lost to Elio Fox’s ace-jack. Dimov wiped out Fox in eighth presently and Smith fell in seventh when Dimov’s tens made up for lost time to his pocket rulers.

The last six played for one more hour and Mustapha Kanit had gone on a disagreement the beginning phases of the last table, yet he fell back to the pack and was taken out in 6th when Lin beat his pocket eights with a tumbled sets of aces. Minutes after the fact, Brock Wilson bowed out in fifth spot when he got it in with pocket fours yet ran into Lin’s pocket pros.

Kayhan Mokri had an allover day, yet consistently appeared to end up back at the chip normal. Be that as it may, his night finished in fourth spot when his pro sovereign couldn’t beat Dimov’s pocket tens.

Dimov’s defining moment came during three-gave play when he called with mid-pair after Hu terminated a major feign on the waterway with a missed flush draw. The hand gave Dimov the chip lead and he before long sent Hu to the rail in third with pocket eights.

Lin entered heads-up play with a major hindrance against Dimov’s transcending chip stack and he couldn’t make up much ground. The defining moment came when Lin got everything in on the lemon with an unassuming straight draw, however Dimov evaded the outs to win with two sets.

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